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Strawberry jam

Daddy is cool. He’s really chilled about life, well except for his obsession with non-matching socks, which are all black and the same brand – how can he tell??  Still, I don’t really mind about the socks – he’s chilled and that can only be good for me. And it is – with him about there’re always new things to explore and discover. And so I did today, though I must say when I first woke up I thought it was going to be a day like every day. You get up and it’s the same drill – nappy change, milk (again) and play on the floor while Mummy goes back to bed “just for five more minutes” (why doesn’t she sleep when I’m asleep and stay awake when I’m up?!).

But then Daddy got up and we had breakfast together – Daddy and I, and I knew something exciting was going to happen. He carefully placed me in my red IKEA high-chair and sat at the kitchen table, which I believe also came from IKEA, but that was before my time. He scoffed up his cornflakes and started munching on his toast. “No food for me?” I thought. “That’s not how it’s done” And I screamed as loud as I could. “Give her a biscuit or a piece of toast,” Mummy mumbled from the bedroom. I must say, it’s impressive how she gets the message even from a distance. And I got what I wanted, well even more. As I gradually chewed on my piece toast (how else do you do it if you only have two teeth) Daddy suddenly stood up, took it away  (but just for a moment) and spread sticky red substance on one side of it. “Mmmm that makes a difference” I thought and needless to say I devoured all I was given.

Then Mummy staggered into the kitchen. “She thought the toast was a bit boring so I put some strawberry jam on it,” Daddy said pleased with himself. And that’s when I discovered that perhaps Mummy wasn’t nearly as chilled as Daddy. And I also learnt something about E numbers and sugar.


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