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How many pairs of socks have you got? I’ve got tons: white socks, red socks, pink socks, blue socks, socks that go up to the knee, designer socks, cheap socks and socks with frills. Everybody loves buying cute baby socks. Tiny little baby sockies. But they’re not much use if you can’t keep them together. Well, not much use for an aspiring baby fashionista. I know the odd socks problem is not something that only happens to babies. Daddy complains about odd socks every morning before he goes to work. Something to do with Mummy doing the washing. And she says they’re all black anyway. But my problem has nothing to do with the washing. It’s the socks themselves – they just won’t stay on. And they are bound to come off at the most akward time as well, such as being pushed over a paddle in a buggy, on an escalator, when getting on the underground… They come off and they’re lost forever. All except for socks from Baby Gap. I don’t know what Gap does to their baby socks but they really are the only socks that stay on. So thumbs up for Baby Gap!


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Breastfeeding is not obscene! There’s nothing wrong with breastfeeding! Women shouldn’t have to hide when they are breastfeeding! OK, I wasn’t born yesterday. I know all this. But let’s be honest – it’s not really that straightforward, is it? Especially if your mum is only beginning to learn how it all works and gets you and herself all covered in milk – believe me, I know something about it. And it’s no fun feeding when your mum is stressed. Worse still – would you want to risk missing a feed because your mum has taken you out and is not quite up to facing all those disapproving looks? Obviously not. A nursing cover was an excellent find! I’ve been breastfed “under cover” in parks, restaurants, airports, shopping centres and mountain refuges. All with an added advantage of not being distracted by the outside world and being able to look my mother straight in the eye. Mother loves all the elegant designs of Bebe au Lait covers, she even found it hard to part from the plastic box the cover came in. I can’t quite understand that myself. And personally, I think that rather than choosing one of the elegant designs she should have gone for a cow print cover – somehow seems more suitable. But she’s the boss.


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