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Yes, I know it’s messy – but that means it’s even more fun! I love feeding myself, choosing what to put in my mouth, what to fling on the floor and what to smear on my ears. Though I must admit any juicy fruit and veg like cucumbers or melons get a bit uncomfortable to sit on after a while, and feeding yourself takes time – it’s not like scoffing up purees with a spoon.

There’s plenty of information out there about what it involves so I won’t bore you with all the details.  I haven’t followed BLW religiously, mostly because Mummy didn’t know about it when she first gave me solids. But combining it with eating purees is great too. And I can assure you – however, scary it looks when a baby gags on a piece of carrot or apple, they’re fine. We’re more clever than you think – if we can’t cope with too big a bite we gag and it comes out, we won’t choke. And if you don’t believe me, have a look at this:



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3361.38 miles or 5409.47 kilometers – that’s exactly the distance between my two Grandmothers. In addition one lives 4254.82 miles (6847.29km) away from me and the other one ‘only’ 1009.39 miles (1624.41km) away. And thank goodness for that! OK, sometimes it would be cool to have them closer. I love seeing them and getting my cuddles allowance increased. I also think Mummy and Daddy might be a bit more chilled if they had grandparents handy to leave me with once in a while so they could go out and enjoy the odd glass of gin ond tonic, which could in theory increase my cuddles allowance further .

But, if it wasn’t for that distance I would seriously worry about my sanity. After all how can you grow up in a world with two people treating you completely differently? If one Grandmother brings blankets to keep me warm, tucks me in every two minutes and pulls my hat down to cover my ears, the other one will worry about me getting overheated, swaddled and would happily keep me outside at all times.  If one thinks that licking the wheels of my buggy (OK, that, I have only attempted once so far) is good for my immune system, the other one will do everything to ensure there’s no spec of dust in about 50meter radius around me. I know, I know, let’s be different and let’s love one other, but I’m glad I only have to do it a few times a year.

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